Services and Pricing


For those looking for help with their blog, website, social media, SEO, or more.

Let’s work some magic! 

Bronze Package

Do you recognise the importance of having a well-maintained, regularly updated blog but simply don’t have enough time or experience to take care of it yourself? This is where I come in! 

You'll get...

  • 1 x well-researched, SEO-friendly blog post per week (4 per month), each ranging from 350 – 500 words in length.

  • The choice for either me to brainstorm topics / an editorial calendar, or for you to provide me with the topics you wish for me to write about.

  • I will provide high-quality, on-brand stock imagery, or use images of your choosing (however many images you want included – there is no limit). Images will also have correct SEO principles applied to them (i.e. Alt text) to rank on Google.

  • Each post will also contain inbound links (to increase traffic to your existing content, i.e. product pages) and authoritative outbound links (i.e. to highly-ranked, relevant websites) to further establish your credibility and boost your Google rankings. 

Price = $300 per month (that’s just $75 per week!)

Special offer: Book 3 months or more to receive a 10% discount.
Special price = $270 per month (i.e. $810 for a total of 3 months).


Silver Package

Do you want additional help with your website or brand’s content to start boosting your audience, engagement, and sales, but don’t know where to begin? I can either get you on the right track over a 4-week period, or assist you each and every month with the following helpful services:

You'll get...

All of the services listed above in Package 1, PLUS:

  • An additional blog post each week (So, 2 x well-researched, SEO-friendly blog posts per week (8 per month), each ranging from 350 – 500 words in length).

  • I’ll create pin-worthy images promoting each blog post to be shared on Pinterest (this boosts the likelihood of your content going viral, therefore driving additional traffic to your website and / or products).

  • I’ll also give you a ‘Pinterest boost’, sharing each piece of content to my own Pinterest following of over 8,000 people. 

  • Content planning and strategy. I’ll assess your competitors and determine your own content gaps, as well as what you can do, moving forward, to really stand out from the pack. I’ll align your content strategy with your own business goals and objectives to ensure your customers are truly dazzled. 


Price = $850 per month (that’s just $212.50 per week!) 

Special offer: Book 3 months or more to receive a 20% discount.
Special price = $680 per month (i.e. $2,040 for a total of 3 months).

Gold Package

Do you want the whole 'kit and kaboodle'? If you’re looking to outsource your content, copy, and social media to someone who will immerse themselves in your brand and take care of it all, then I’m here for you. 

EVERYTHING listed above in Package 2, plus:

  • Social media posting - I’ll schedule each blog post to be featured on your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and / or LinkedIn) at optimal times throughout the week. I’ll include an exceptional caption, as well as effective hashtags to get more eyes on your content.

  • Publicity - I’ll send 5 pitches each month to relevant online publications (blogs, websites, online magazines) introducing them to your brand and encouraging publicity through a free feature or interview with you / a member of your staff. 

Price = $1,250 per month (that’s just $312.50 per week for all of your small business content needs!)

Special offer: Book 3 months or more to receive a 20% discount.
Special price = $1,000 per month (i.e. $3,000 for a total of 3 months).



For those who’d prefer to work with me on a one-off basis, or whenever they need some extra assistance. 

Website Copy

Need additional pages to be written for your website (i.e. About, Services, Our Mission, etc.)?


I’ll write the copy for up to 5 web pages of any length for just $500 (Search Engine Optimization included).


Extra web pages can be added onto this service for just an additional $100 per page.

Blog Posts

If you're a business owner, there's no doubt you have more important things to spend time on than brainstorming, researching, writing, and publishing blog posts. Allow me to help, as blog posts are what I do best!

1 x standard blog post (350 – 500 words) = $65

1 x medium-form blog post (750 – 1000 words) = $130

1 x long-form blog post (1350 – 1500 words) = $195

1 x extra-long-format blog post (1500 words+) = $0.13 AUD per word.


I'm happy to write in any tone you wish and am even available to source free, accompanying stock imagery should you require it. 

Basic SEO Audit / Changes

Did you know I used to be an SEO Content Specialist for a FinTech company? I love implementing SEO principles in authentic ways, so please reach out if your website requires any of the following:

Basic SEO Audit of website or blog = $200

For me to implement recommended SEO changes to your website copy / blog content = $250

Special offer: Order both an SEO audit and for the changes to be implemented for just $400 (save $50).

Pinterest Image Creation for Blog Posts

I once made a Pinterest graphic to advertise a free, printable planner I had made for creatives. Within just one year, it had gained over 23,000 subscribers - from one Pin alone!

I've had a lot of experience in creating Pinterest graphics to advertise my clients' blog posts, helping to increase traffic to their content. Let's do the same for your brand!

Price = $100 for 5 images / $200 for 10 images (or get in touch for a quote regarding any other amount).

Social Media Scheduling

Need someone to take care of the social media scheduling of your blog content? This is a great way to increase your blog post's readership, helping to potentially attract more loyal fans - and in turn - customers!

Social media scheduling of blog content = $100 for every 5 blog posts shared.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

How about a tailor-made package just for your brand?

I want to make my services available to every brand who requires them – big or small. 

I understand that when it comes to written content, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, I’m also more than happy to put together a personalised package to cover your specific needs.


Just get in contact below to let me know what you’re after ;)